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CS Energy: Award-Winning B2B Strategy Grows Social Media Followers by 1,500% in Just Ten Months

Twentytwo & brand wins 2022 Gold w3 Award for developing and strategically managing social media accounts.
CS Energy
Company Overview

CS Energy is a leading integrated energy company that develops, designs and builds optimized projects in the solar, storage, and emerging energy industries with customers across the U.S. With over 250 projects under its belt, a commitment to safety, quality, engineering, execution and commissioning excellence has enabled it to install over 1.5GW of operating solar and 500MWh of operating energy storage.

Brand Challenge

CS Energy wanted to elevate their brand and business-to-business (B2B) social media presence to more effectively leverage social media platforms to position their company as a thought leader to drive awareness and create demand.

Prior to engaging twentytwo & brand CS Energy had amassed less than 1,000 LinkedIn followers. Recognizing the missed opportunity to optimize LinkedIn for engagement to drive conversation and intent, they turned to the social media team at twentytwo & brand for help in raising their LinkedIn social media presence.

Strategic Solution

Twentytwo & brand developed and managed a strategic social media program that included rebranded creative for all of their social channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – and strong expert content designed to position CS Energy as a thought leader.

Powerful Impact

With compelling graphics, tailored content, and excellent execution, the social media program twentytwo & brand developed led to an increase in new LinkedIn followers by 1,500% in just ten months.

The results were so uniquely impressive that twentytwo & brand was awarded the 2022 w3 Gold Award for Social Content & Marketing in the Environmental & Sustainability category. The w3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web, and recognize the people behind award-winning sites, marketing programs, social content, mobile site/apps and online video.

  • Grew LinkedIn followers from less than 1,000 to more than 14,000 in ten months - a 1,500% increase.

  • The rebranded creative and content are consistently delivering more that 27,000 organic content impressions every month.

  • CS Energy has become recognized as a thought leader in their renewable energy space.

  • CS Energy is optimizing engagement on B2B social channels like LinkedIn to educate and inform their audience, building brand awareness.

Consider The Impact:

twentytwo & brand: Empowering the brands that are re-powering our world.

We are an award-winning, full-service agency dedicated to renewable energy. As your strategic marketing partner, we bring experience, insights, and passion to propel your brand’s potential.

From branding and PR to social media, creative services, and website development, clients turn to us to create distinct and differentiating branding, marketing, and design that engages, inspires, and motivates.

Our hard-working, dedicated team is focused on accelerating growth for brands repowering the world. If you are interested in standing out from the crowd, building a clear and concise value proposition that resonates, and creating brand value that drives success, contact us today to start establishing your next chapter.



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