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Public Relations & Communications

Discover the power of PR & Communications across the Climate Tech, Cleantech, and renewable energy sectors.

We’ve done everything from branding to strategic communications programs for some really great clients.

Public Relations & Communications

We specialize in leveraging smart PR & Communications strategies, crafting riveting content, and nurturing trusted relationships with editorial teams. Our approach aims to not only boost awareness but also elevate your brand reputation and leadership in this dynamic industry.

Strategic Planning

We delve into strategic planning to tailor a communication strategy that aligns with your brand's goals and values you want to convey.

Quality Content

Our commitment to quality content ensures that every piece resonates, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and fostering a positive public image.

Thought Leadership

Position your brand as a thought leader through longer form content that educates, informs, and demonstrates your subject matter expertise.

Events Strategy

We create an events strategy focused on your target audience, prioritizing where you show up, how you show up, and take advantage of speaking opportunities to share your story.

Award Recognition

To help build credibility and celebrate success, we target specific industry awards that will elevate your brand.

Media Relations

Leverage our vast network of media and analyst relationships built over decades to increase reach and earned media placements, strategically pitch your stories, and communicate your core value propositions for maximum impact.


Consider The Impact:


Engage in our deep process to develop your overarching PR and Communications strategy and build the brand awareness that sets you apart from your competition. Whether you’re in solar, wind, EV, energy storage, or another renewable energy sector, our team brings industry expertise to help you shine.
Onboarding and kickoff
Leadership and subject matter expert interview sessions
Company goals & objectives review
Develop communication objectives

Our Process

Reliable, Consistent, and Compelling

Elevate your market presence and achieve business triumphs by aligning with the powerhouse marketing agency that is the twentytwo & brand team. Together, we don't just amplify your voice; we orchestrate a symphony that resonates in the market.

Join us in the pursuit of brand excellence, where strategy meets creativity and messages resonate with authenticity. 

We empower businesses like yours

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Our Process

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Ongoing Engagement

Scale your communication efforts by leveraging the expertise of a communications agency partner.
Review marketing and industry positioning
PR, Communications, Thought Leadership content strategy plan, including target publications for outreach
Create a strategy for earned media opportunities
Develop an editorial and events calendar
Proactively manage award opportunities
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