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FranklinWH: Successful Launch of International ESS Brand Into North America

twentytwo & brand’s positioning & content-driven marketing transforms startup into a formidable brand in 12 months
Company Overview

FranklinWH is the manufacturer of the Franklin Home Power (FHP) system, a whole-home energy management solution that uniquely integrates solar, battery, grid and generator power sources and manages them to optimize the safety, reliability and efficiency of home energy.

Brand Challenge

As the company planned its North American debut at the Intersolar Conference in early 2022, it recognized the need to build out strategic positioning and differentiated messaging to be able to compete against the leading energy storage systems (ESS) brands in the market, including Enphase and Tesla. Lacking a brand reputation among channel partners, it needed to demonstrate its comprehensive solution while ensuring an affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution.

Strategic Solution

Twentytwo & brand’s strategic approach included: 1) Discovery research to assess the U.S residential battery market landscape and competitive opportunities, 2) Message development to convey the FranklinWH’s unique points of differentiation and serve as a blueprint for communications, 3) Integrated communications plan and execution that included developing branded content that could be leveraged across website and social media channels, and 4) Media relations outreach to secure earned media coverage in key business to business (B2B) solar publications.

The engagement also entailed developing and executing on a strategic PR and communications plan laser focused on quickly building brand awareness among the installers and distributors channel partners critical to its success.

Powerful Impact

Fast forward twelve months from the kick-off of the engagement and FranklinWH had gained mindshare among the installer and distributor communities as one of the top residential storage and energy management brands in North America. Its product launch was featured across top solar magazines, including homepage placement and newsletters. News of its expanding finance options and growing availability through distributors – including the nation’s largest solar energy distributor Greentech Renewables – had made solar news headlines.

A summary of the impact includes:

  • Delivered a full-scale strategic PR and communications plan resulting in over 55k impressions in just four weeks, an excellent Intersolar conference brand experience

  • Secured 3 journalists to attend media event and 2 executive interviews, resulting in 4 articles for the company, in addition to press release posting

  • Highly differentiated, consistent messaging, including development of primary and secondary brand positioning and proof points to serve as a blueprint for all communications

  • An integrated communications program with branded content promoted across multiple channels, including the company website, social, and media outlets

  • Secured publication of two thought leadership articles in key solar B2B media, Solar Power World and North America Clean Energy

  • Created four blog posts to drive social media engagement and website traffic and two case studies featuring homeowner successes

Issued 3 press releases to drive broad brand awareness and build reputation as a leader in the industry

Consider The Impact:

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